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Our Exceptional Programs

The focus of our efforts is to ensure that each child feels safe and secure while developing a strong foundation for elementary school and beyond.

Relay Children's Center recognizes children are ready to go all the time. We are well equipped for their high energy and thirst for knowledge. Our amazing teachers provide your child with the tools necessary to keep active minds growing and learning.

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Two Year Old Program

Building a solid foundation.

This is yet another exciting time in the life of your little one and we are here to make sure it's as successful as possible. Through the use of our personalized curriculum, we aim to meet developmentally appropriate milestones while focusing on the individual needs of every child.

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Three-Year-Old Program

Independence through exploration and discovery.

Our 3-year-old program provides children with an overall basis of knowledge to flourish presently and beyond. Through both a teacher-guided and child-guided learning day each student develops the skills and the strong sense of self necessary to begin a successful school career.

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Pre-K Program

The positive path for school readiness.

We know your pre-kindergartener is ready to take on the world. Our highly trained teachers are here to support and encourage each individual child by motivating their natural desire to explore while guiding their curiosity and creativity. With a combination of hands-on activities, group, and independent learning, and just plain fun we help ensure that your child will be well prepared for his or her next phase of life.

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Before and After Care Program

Starting the day motivated to go and ending the day accomplished.

Relay Children's Center's Before Care Program offers a great start to your child's school day with fun and enriching activities. Our After Care Program will help reinforce academics with homework assistance, a healthy snack, and physical activity to help children unwind from the school day.

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