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Educating and Inspiring Day Trips

Relay Children's Center believes that learning goes beyond the classroom. Off-site field trips are powerful learning experiences for any age group. Our students regularly enjoy going on various educational excursions. 

*Off-site field trips are currently on hold.

lunch at the zoo.JPG

The Baltimore Zoo

Lunch with the crew at the zoo.


National Aquarium

Friends and fish.

port discovery.JPG

Port Discovery

Whipping up a meal at the diner.

relay thanks the department.JPG

Thank you firefighters!

Our local Fire Department takes the time to come to our school every year to teach us all about fire safety. We get to meet the firefighters, see inside the truck, and even hear the siren.

Thank you to our police officers

We get a chance to see inside the cool police cars and ask any questions we may have from the people who help protect us every day.

police dept to relay.jpg
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